Step One: Choose A Setup Option

Step Two: Choose A Setup Option

About your monthly subscriptions…

There are no lock in contracts

You are free to cancel your montlhy subscription at any time. Simply log into your customer dashboard and click cancel. 

Upgrade / downgrade at any time

You are able to upgrade or downgrade your monthly subscription at any time directly on your dashboard.

Check out activity logs at any given moment

Not sure what or if we’ve done any work on your website this month?! Simply log into your customer dashboard and read the logs. Everything done is recorded for your perusal. 

Updating your WordPress automatically has risks!

So you’re probably thinking. “Nah, it’s fine, I can simply click on ‘Update’ and it’s done!”.

Yes, you could simply click on “Update” anytime you are asked to in your WP dashboard. But there is something we have to tell you.

Technically speaking you have a one in two chances of generating errors on your website! And end up paying way more to fix it!

Why? Because when updating your WordPress (Core) and plugins, new updates are not necessarily compatible with the older versions. This can generate errors throughout your site and cause plugins to stop functioning.

When it comes to the technicalities of your website, unless you are confortable with WP, it will be a lot more time and cost effective for you to delegate that part of your site to a WordPress expert who will know how to restore your site and plugins in case of non-compatibility.

Questions answers


What is the difference between support and maintenance?

Support service is a specific requirement that you may have for your site. Whether it be for design or adding additional plugins and features. Support services are not included in the maintenance subscription. Maintenance is a preventive support: we intervene preventively on your site but we do not add features or designs to it.

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Absolutely. Maintenance contracts are non-binding contracts. Simply email us and we will cancel your subscription for the following month. 

Do I have to commit to the maintenance membership to benefit from the content management offer?

Yes ! We can not offer you our content management services if your site (WordPress update and plugins) is not continuously upgraded, maintained and fully functional.

You benefit from HD photos that we will select for you according to your events. So you do not even have to worry anymore
of this part there.

Does my membership include mishandling from me?

No, any intervention necessary to repair and fix mishandling of your website falls in the category of support services.

How does it work?

As soon as first payment has been received, you will receive your username and a code. You will have access to your client platform where we will exchange all forms of communication. You will have the ability to see everything we do on your website, send us messages, validate and visualise invoices.

Does content integration include as much content as I want?

That’s right 🙂 How does it get any better than that? We integrate your content for your blog posts, events and shop. In the Newsletter subscription we now offer unlimited integration of your content and dispatching of emails for you. As long as you provide us with the content we’ll keep adding it.

Are you ready to go next level and work together?

So are we! With us, you benefit from a professional team that is attentive and concerned with the performance and durability of your site.

What new worlds can we create together?